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The Zombie game niche has been increasing in demand and more attention is being focused on this genre, more than ever before. The fact is many Zombie related games have have been released widely within the last few years and most of these games have modifications where the end user can create their own character or items that they can use within the game. As we look at the amount of people who play Zombies that have come out within the last 5 years we can see a demand and ensure that it is a popular niche.

Such games like Left 4 Dead series which is a revolution for the Zombie gaming niche displays the demand for this type of game. We can also look at the Resident Evil series, this one is one of the most popular and well known of the bunch. It has both basic and advanced features along with a great story line which makes Resident Evil a perfect example of a Zombie Game that everyone can enjoy.

Video games in the horror genre have become well known and popular, so popular infect that gamers have created modifications for their favorite games. With these modifications you can customize your character, or use the special items in the game. We have seen the Zombie culture around for a very long time. Hollywood movies such as Dawn of the Dead and Zombieland have added to the popularity of the Zombie niche. Since their is such a great appeal to this market and the demand is so high, game developers will try to make a profit and release new types of horror games.

The gaming environment will eventually grow into its own genre right up there next to Action, RPG and puzzle. A Zombie Game can simply be classified under the Action or Adventure title. We won’t know how advance these games will get as technology changes every day, but we do know it holds its weight in an ever growing niche. We can see it grow as gamers will want to satisfy their addictions and play Zombie Games.

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