The WellBeing Formula @ Work – One day MasterCLASS in Stress Management, Resilience & Wellbeing.

The WellBeing Formula @ Work – One day MasterCLASS in Stress Management, Resilience & Wellbeing.
Event on 2017-11-25 09:00:00
What is stress costing you and your business? And what are you doing about it? We all know that stress is a hidden killer, the cost to business is immense. In the UK 22.7million days are lost due to illness and sickness that are stress related costing this country £3.7billion in lost productivity on average £1350 per employee. Surveys show that 55% of people experience stress from their work that affects their mental health. What this doesn't show is the hidden costs of people making poor decisions, poor performance , dysfunctional coping behaviours, depression and anxieties and the knock on effect this has to others in the business. All companies have a duty of care to protect their employees from undue stress yet most don't know how to help and most people don't know how to cope with personal and professional stresses. The answer is in the mindset of the individual…  "I regard Steve Crabb as one of the top three coaches in the world. If you get the chance to coach or train with Steve grab it with both hands.”  Paul McKenna – best selling self help author   How well do you cope with the everyday stresses of life and work? The common solutions to stress are to either; see the doctor, take some time off work, have a holiday or focus upon changing policies and procedures at work. Unfortunately these are not the best answers as often the stress is still there after the holiday and the break and even with the pills and addressing poicies and procedures has little impact if individuals don't have coping skills and strategies.  The better solution is to learn "The WellBeing Formula @ Work."  During this MasterCLASS you will discover and have the chance to experience techniques and strategies that I have used with 1000's of clients that will enable you to cope and be more resilent despite your circumstances. The Wellbeing Formula @ Work is a unique multi-disciplinary approach to reducing stress and experiencing wellbeing.  NLP – CBT – Mindfulness – Psycho-Sensory – Hypnosis  “I highly recommend Stephen Crabb. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.”   Dr Richard Bandler – Co Creator of NLP   During the day you will learn about: The structure of stress (how we don’t have it… but we do it) How to reduce and manage stress levels. How to be calm and centered despite what’s going on around you. How to be more resourceful and resilient in potentially stressful times You will learn how to: Get over past problems Quit worrying about the future Be more present, relaxed and  Avoid overwhelm  Deal with conflict and challenges Who this event is for: Anyone experiencing stress Anyone responsible for managing stress at work Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs with no HR support. Health care professionals  Coaches.   Feedback from previous attendees:  "I was recommended to see you by a friend who did her diploma with you. She said I would enjoy the day but I didn't expect to learn so much in such a short time. The training was perfectly paced with enough time to take in what you taught and to practice the techniques. This was very different to any other workshop I have attended I wish all training was of this standard. You ask how could the event be improved? At the moment I can't think of anything it was perfect timing for me, thank you so much. C K – Entrepreneur   "Briliiant, brilliant, brilliant. I came in at the start of the day stressed, expecting to learn abut stress but didn't expect to feel the way I now do. The mindfulness exercises were so simple and easy to use, unlike anything I have expereinced before. It was well worth the journey and I would have paid ten times the price for the day."   C Madden – Business Consultant  "The end of day trance you did to finish off the workshop was a total surprise. I wasn't expecting it and always believed hypnosis was for weak minded people and wouldn't work on me. How wrong and what a beautiful experience. I felt like I was floating on air for days afterwards. you are a master of your craft.” J. Sims – Human Resources Manager  "One of the best if not the best workshop I have ever attended! When's the next one?” R. Hanson – M. Director  "It is a month since your training and I wanted to let you know that since you worked with me I have not had one panic attack. I still get a bit anxious, but it's rare and when it happens I know how I created it and what to do instead. I wish someone had taught me how to cope this way when I was much younger ” J. F – Self employed  Book your place for a transformative day: Join me Steve Crabb author of "Business Coaching & Mentoring" for Dummies and creator of "The WellBeing Formula @ Work" on Saturday 25th November 2017 when you will learn all of the above and so much more. This is not a theoretical training, it’s experiential and immediately applicable. Having coached 1000’s of people on a 1-2-1 basis including people who have experienced extreme traumatic events you will learn how to manage your emotions, moods and stress in some very powerful ways. You will be more informed and better able to cope and deal with stress than most doctors could teach you.  I look forwards to meeting and working with you to help you to deeply relax, be resilent and cope and deal with stress in effective and lasting ways.  Warmest Regards Steve Crabb. Author, NLP MASTER Trainer (SOCNLP) , Master Transformational Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist.       BOOKING INFORMATION Timings – 9.00 am till 5.00pm with refreshment breaks mid morning and afternoon (included), lunch is not included. Materials – All attendees will receive "The WellBeing Formula @ Work" training manual. Group Bookings – Please supply first and surname of all students, all communications regarding the event will be made to the e-mail address given at the time of booking. If you are booking for others please ensure they are given the venue location and timings. Terms & Conditions – Are fully available on the company website Please note when booking that all attendees when booking agree to the signing of a press release before entering the training. Events may be  recorded by Steve Crabb Coaching Ltd for training and commercial purposes. Steve Crabb Coaching Ltd terms and conditions are final. FAQ Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? The minimum age of all students is 18 years.  What can/can't I bring to the event? Please bring layered clothing for comfort. No audio or video recording of the event is allowed. Where can I contact the organiser with any questions? Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes we are happy if you are unable to make the event and want someone else to attend in your place. You may transfer as long as we receive e-mail notification of the person attending in your place no later than 3 working days notice prior to the event. All communication to Please note all attendees will have to sign the Steve Crabb Coaching Ltd press release before entering the training room. What is the refund policy? If you are unable to attend the event and let us know by email to with 7 days notice prior to the event, we will refund your ticket price. Any refunds will only be made to the account that made the original booking. Refunds will be made within 7 days of the request. If you are unable to make the event and inform us within the 7 day notice period there is no refund policy available, however we are willing to allow you to roll the event over to the next event. Only one roll over event is allowed. The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay? That is fine as long as the person attending signs the attendance and press release form, they will be deemed to have agreed to the terms of booking by their attendance.
at Hilton London Croydon
101 Waddon Way
Croydon, United Kingdom

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