The Law of Attraction – Stories From Your Own Life

I’m betting you’re looking for the law of attraction stories so you can decide if it actually works. I can understand that point of view. While I’m a pretty open person, I can tend to be skeptical too. However, I do KNOW that the law of attraction is the real deal. And I can show you too with a fun little game.

But before I explain the game, one way to see how law of attraction works is to see it in your own life. Look around you. Do you see anything that correlates with your thoughts?

For instance, have you been thinking depressing thoughts and you keep noticing more and more depressing things? Maybe you see more sad stories on the news than normal, or maybe you notice how the weather has been unfavorable lately.

Or, have your thoughts been loving and you feel more loving toward your significant other? Or do you see more loving couples on the street?

Have you ever felt good about money and then some just shows up on the street? Or you get a check in the mail that you didn’t expect?

There are all examples of the law of attraction stories from your own life. You attract everything in your life. And once you notice how your thoughts align with what you’re living, you’ll realize how powerful your thoughts really are. And once you know how to do that, well, then you really can be, do or have anything you want in this life.

Ok, in case you haven’t been able to think of how your thoughts correlate with your reality, try this fun game:

1. Think of a random object. It can be anything like a pink feather, a green piece of glass, a bottle of purple nailpolish. Anything you can think of that’s fun and not too common.

2. Hold the object in your mind. Really visualize it and mentally hold it in your hand. Appreciate the object for its beauty and uniqueness.

3. Let the image go.

Now that thing will show up in your life in some way. Sometimes it takes just a few minutes, sometimes a few days or weeks. But it will show up. And the less you think about it, the faster it’ll get to you.

The cool thing is, once you realize you can make “little” things show up, you’ll begin to understand that “big” things can show up just as easily.

The law of attraction stories are everywhere! If you really can’t find them in your own life (and I think you can), then you can visit The Law of Attraction Stories that Wow. I have several of my own stories there, and I added a few stories from other people too (including someone very famous). Or, skip ahead and get started with creating a new, exciting, amazing life at

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