Lets Play: The Sims Complete Collection – Part 1

Hey men, any suggestions at all is very appriciated. Again, this might be only until i receive the Sims 3, that i is doing a full lets play about. in the meantime i’m homing my abilities with all the authentic! Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Lets Play: The Sims Complete Collection – Part 1

  1. cicirunner

    And there was the roommate that was lazy as heck

  2. HatakeSage

    I actually tried pressing 1 - 3 on my keyboard to speed time.

  3. Patrick Drozg

    You can get them off the internet, these are for the sims 1


  4. zomgdrhax

    meh i think 1 is the best but i lost the serial code ages ago for it, and i need it back in my life bad!!!

  5. Patrick Drozg

    The sims 3 is garbage, 2 is the best

  6. QueOndaShow

    i couldn’t find the sims 1 on stores so I am downloading it! (:

  7. Bunnyiify


  8. Teresa Hutchinson

    I loved getting a fruit machine and a genie lamp and motherlode cheat

  9. SuperEnergyAddict022

    I remember the first Sims for the PS2 lol…. I remember the storyline and the second home you move into, and you need to fix the place up. There was a fire in the kitchen, and everything was broken. Game was challenging.. Ahh, those were the days.

  10. darkutaville

    I think on the sims 1 the furniture was horrible and ugly.

  11. darkutaville

    Do you not have Makin’ Magic?

  12. canalope981

    The sims 3 itself is boring though. The console versions are great.

  13. Duff1124

    this wasnt bad i think i might end up playing the sims 1 again. miss the oldness of the game and how fun it was.

  14. nicefunfungirl

    i got this too. 😀

  15. BesorgterSimsSpieler

    If you have all expansion packs, then you don’t need the complete collection version ofc. 

  16. TheBrogaaan

    I miss how simple the game was and things like if they miss school they get taken away and stuff! They need to bring some of these things back!

  17. BabyBuggzy

    Ya but on the sims 3 you can cutomize ur stuff

  18. chickenn62

    the sims 1 had the best furniture and walls and floors!!

  19. adyboss10

    I got to say, it isn’t as interesting to watch as it was to play (no offence).

  20. HackSDK

    wow the last time i played the sims was in 2002 decade ago awesome

  21. minecraft200

    mine is called the sims super pack

  22. minecraft200

    uhh??? what.? i have all the expansion packs but not the complete edition expansion pack.does this mean its the complete one or..