Lets Play The Sims 2 – Open for Company – Portion 1

Welcome my beautiful subscribers and viewers! to The Sims 2! Open For Enterprise Growth Pack! We will be going back to the roots of my authentic Sims 2 Lets Pla…

Free of charge this week at our the sims 2 store:

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8 Responses to Lets Play The Sims 2 – Open for Company – Portion 1

  1. Crazy Geek Gamer

    Woah, he… Is not the best house designer… There is NO contrast…

  2. Veronica Bennie

    … Weird… As soon as I asked myself, ‘what’s the ring in the
    turn-on-turn-off’ choice thingy, you answered, “I don’t know.”

    Are… Are you a Seer?

  3. masquara1

    Watching you play makes me really miss Sims 2. I tried 3 again, but its not
    the same. Really, thank you for uploading!

  4. Toyberg1

    This expansion is my favorite

  5. chloe cook

    Fuck Yeah!!!!! Man I missed this… Am soooo glad to see this is up
    again yay!!!

  6. Miss Monochrome Blossom

    also, I wish sims 2 worked on my computer. I’m dying to play it again! lol

  7. Miss Monochrome Blossom

    I’m so glad you’re doing OFB again! I loved your old OFB lp!

  8. rachael beth

    honestly i would rather you continue your old pets/open for business thing
    but this seems promising