Lets Play: Sims Life Stories (S2)-(Part.1)-(Crazy Girlfriend)w.lifesimmer

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17 Responses to Lets Play: Sims Life Stories (S2)-(Part.1)-(Crazy Girlfriend)w.lifesimmer

  1. Shelby Kennedy

    I watch these lp’s in like 1 day !!!!! ( I have no life )

  2. Brooke Walker

    Hey guys its me life simmer ‘_’

  3. Samantha Faulkner

    Wait i aint crazy

  4. griffyn seib

    i love skyrim

  5. Darling101

    This was uploaded on my birthday :)

  6. Winx Seliepixclub

    I feel important I was the 200,000 subscriber

  7. Amanda PandaPants

    Wait.. This wasn’t uploaded on jan 2nd?? I’m confused

  8. Rida Khan

    Why do I have a feeling that his bestfriends is a trouble maker…? Hmmmm..

  9. Samina Begum


  10. Renamon111

    What do you use for recording you’re gameplay? (:

  11. Lea Barnett

    Where did you get the sims life stories because im all about sims and i
    always wanted to play it.

  12. Skye Luv

    Leave a like if watching in 2014

  13. TheSonia51

    I like to hang w/ friends in a hot tub it just makes me more less

  14. Heidi Ford


  15. Jr Mc

    lol i just finished Today! watching the full series of seasons simmer

  16. Shannon Scammell

    I love life stories and ilove u lifesimmer 

  17. Shania Moore

    OMG my last name is Moore total awesome love you life simmer xx