how to get sims complete collection for free and working on windows 7

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14 Responses to how to get sims complete collection for free and working on windows 7

  1. Kenneth Ledesma

    It will work?

  2. ForsakenGameOfficial

    Wow everyone… it really isn’t that difficult to set up. and btw for all of you freaking out about how long it takes, my internet download speed is pretty moderate and at around 450-500kbps i got it done in less than 3 hours…

  3. JaguarPawz23

    my antivirus tells me that its a virus

  4. JaguarPawz23

    does it work on xp?

  5. Cow Semen

    nice pc. so many illegal gigabytes you have there

  6. Michelle Montes

    What’s the serial number

  7. Michelle Montes

    It took me a week but thanks 😀

  8. Hazza Al Ali


  9. GrandTheftJuggalo313

    This is some bullshit. You need the disk

  10. GrandTheftJuggalo313

    It keeps saying to insert disc 1. Help

  11. Nicholas Smyly

    say no

  12. Nicholas Smyly

    sweet music wo/man

  13. xleah1394x

    is this The Sims? like number 1? XD

  14. HUYI1

    how did you get the SETUP.EXE working on windows 7 64 bit, why didn’t you show us how run the file? i can’t run it as it gives errors and the installshield crashes and gets stuck in task manager everytime, what compatibility mode did you use to run the SETUP.EXE?