How do you set up the sims complete collection on windows 7?

Query by Jessi: How do you set up the sims complete collection on windows 7?
I just bought the sims complete collection from a utilized game keep these days. the discs are in nearly perfect situation. the initial disc installs and tells me to put in the 2nd disc. it’ll go all the way up to expansion7/sound/sound.far and then just cease. it sounds like the disc reader is skipping around. i have experimented with a couple of diverse factors and so far nothing has aided. i tried just letting it sit there but it doesnt move any farther. any notion what to do?
It works just fine on my mom-in-law’s windows 8 laptop. My fiance looked at the information that compares the program needs and says if it passes. For some explanation it says the OS fails and that the display driver, show gadget, and sound driver are all unknown compatibility. Can this be fixed? I dont understand why it would do that….

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Reply by Carl
I don’t know anything at all about Windows seven, but all earlier versions have a compatibility mode setting. Maybe attempt setting it to make the installer consider it is functioning on Windows Vista, that might assist.
Almost certainly not, even though. It sounds to me that you may have a defective disk, but you would think Windows would inform you that it is having difficulty studying the disk.
I have numerous older games I couldn’t install on my Windows Vista since I have a 64-bit pc, with the 64-bit Windows Vista. 1 installer shuts down with a message that I have in incompatible version of Windows, an additional installer just exits with out any messages or installing anything at all. None of the compatibility settings worked for me.

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  1. Panfilo el Decerabrado

    if you can do install the game in other pc, and the file don’t show err, maybe, will be your computer XD

    i don’t know, i have the game, not original and works 😉

  2. Kxxns-Live,Love,Kxxns (Jay)

    The disc might be just loading, try again but leave the disk in, wait awhile and then It might pop up for you to put in the next disc. (Continue these steps until your on the last disc, disk 4.) Then after the 4th disk is done just put in disc 1 and start playing the game!

    Enjoy and Hope this helps.