How do I delete all of the old Sims games out of my computer to make room for a new sims game?

Question by Eileen: How do I delete all of the old Sims games out of my computer to make room for a new sims game?
I luv the game sims.Sims 3 is coming out June 2 and my computer said the memory is low.I want to delete all of my old sims games out of my computer so I will have room for Sims 3!!!! But how do I do that?

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Answer by Lucy
To delete all your old games go to start, all programs and maxis uninstall. After you have uninstalled that you want to make sure that nothing is left so you go to Start and then the search button to the right. Type in Sims and it will find everything on your computer that has to do with the Sims. When it’s all searched delete it, highlight it all though, or you’ll be deleting all night. Also, before you install the Sims 3 make sure you have enough memory and you clean your computer. I installed a Sims game on my computer when there wasn’t enough memory and it crashed. So make sure you are careful because it happens all the time. If you like to download things off the internet for you game you might also want to get a free download of Ad-Aware to protect your computer. Well have fun!

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  1. i'm motivated

    Make sure you first uninstall your game first and check under my documents under the EA games folder if you downloaded any custom content delete it and make sure you delete it from your garbage can

  2. Kili M

    To uninstall the games here are the steps:

    -Open up the start menu
    -Go to control panel
    -Click on add or remove programs
    -Find the Sims 2 (or 1) and click remove
    -It may take a while for it to uninstall but that is normal.

    Cannot wait for the Sims 3! I am so excited!!!

    Hope it helped. 🙂

  3. IzzyBaby =]

    go to “my computer” and unistall all the previous sims games you have. BTW, it will take a while.

    if u have alot, you should sell them for money so you can get the sims 3 as soon as you can! and have some pocket money! (thats what i’m doing)

  4. Brittany

    If you have Windows XP go to your control panel, add and remove programs, go down to your sims game and click remove. For Vista go to programs and features and its basically the same process…For Mac I don’t know. Hope this helps you!

  5. Little Miss Random™

    If you have a lot, it will take a while, but not too long.
    Go to
    Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs…..Depends on Vista or Not).
    And from there you could search “Sims” and then when all of the Sims games show up. Click Un-install on one of them. You have to wait until it has fully Un-installed or the next one won’t.
    Once one is finished, just do the same thing again and again, until all are done.
    You should have lots of space for Sims 3 after that, it only needs about 2GBs.

  6. Mitri

    go to control panel > uninstall programs > then select any old sims game > have fun uninstalling :}