Divine Academy is a new iOS game soft-launched in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore

Klaipeda, Lithuania (PRWEB) November 26, 2014

Realore’s new city-builder/god-sim game can be downloaded today. After months of development and beta-testing the free-to-play title is being released to the public. The players in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore are the first ones who will experience Divine Academy before the world-wide release.

The game is set in the ancient Academy for the Greek gods. Players enter this educational facility to become an equal to Zeus, Athena and other mythical deities of the past. In order to achieve this goal players will have to learn to take care of their people. Each player will be presented a patch of land that he or she will develop into a sprawling metropolis. To make the task easier players are given access to miracles that can be cast by drawing magical signs on their iPads. Through the course of the game players will be able to unlock dozens of these spells by completing quests from the gods and earning achievements.

The story of the game is told by a cast of various legendary characters from Greek and Roman mythology. Realore created charismatic personalities for each character, for example Ares is a distinguished warrior, athlete and the main bully of the Academy, Chloris is a goddess of environmental protection. Some of the divine professors will help players in their studies; others will make everything in their power to make players fail.

The main features of the game include eye-catching graphics, elaborated cast of characters and amusing plot twists. Divine Academy is available to download here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/divine-academy/id931367498

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