Busting Loose From the Business Game

Busting Loose from the Business Game is one of the most startling books that I’ve read in a long time. I was surprised because, based on the title of the book, what I encountered was unexpected. I was expecting business theories about how to improve my business, but it was a healthy dose of personal development with a thorough examination and explanation of consciousness that really shook my foundation.

I’ve been a student of personal development for the last 20 years and I learned lots of useful things that hugely impacted my life. However, what I learned in this book sure surprised and delighted me. Scheinfield’s book  thrust itself upon me in an unexpected way by email.  I had no idea what caused me to pull out the credit card and order it from Amazon, but I did and when it arrived and sat on my coffee table, it was out of curiosity that I opened it and started reading.

I had no idea that it was about personal development. I just thought it was yet another book about how to be successful at business. And I was a willing candidate because over the last 8 years, I’ve juggled a number of different businesses in search of the almighty grail of financial freedom. And truth be told, I was feeling a bit frustrated that my massive efforts were not producing massive results and I was in search of a better way.

Reading the first few chapters excited me in such a way that I wanted to discuss it with someone, anyone. But I couldn’t find anyone. So I contacted  10 of my  friends who I thought I could convince to read the book and discuss it with me. Two of them did and as now we have almost daily discourses about the book’s contents and the impact on our lives. My friends are also in awe and thankful to me  for bring the book to their attention.

When I tell people about the book, I usually preface the revelation that the title of the book is not as it seems because the book is not just about winning the business game or more aptly Busting Loose from the Business Game, but is about a complete overhaul of your life and how to gain mastery and success in all areas. 

I believe in naming the book,  that the author was trying to appeal to serious business people who may not likely read a self help book or a book telling about a less than concrete concept that could change their life. I probably would have read it either way since I am interested in both business and personal development. One of my friends would not have read it because she doesn’t have a true interest in business and the title would not have grabbed her attention. However, the interesting thing is that she still got a hold of the book and learned from it.

Busting Loose from the Business Game was suspenseful,  but it did not cause a desire in me to read the whole thing at one sitting. It was such a stunning revelation that I wanted to savor and consider what I was reading and I actually found along the way that I didn’t want it to end. I took 3 whole weeks to read it when I could have read it in a day or two. 

The author used easy to understand metaphors that clearly demonstrated the concepts and he knew the strings to pull on that made me want to hang on to his every word. I knew in my heart that what I was reading in the book was true and the revelation has profoundly changed me. 

The first thing that happened to me was that I immediately gave up working my 60/80 hour work week. Instead, I went for walks, I watched TV, I read books and I for the very first time in a long while, looked for things to do that I enjoyed doing rather than doing what I thought I had to do. And I had no guilt and I felt free. This simple shift has brought more joy into my life. 

I have been able to place less importance on the “To Do” list in that I still keep the list, but now I do the items as I feel inspired to do them, rather than out of an obligation to get them done. The remarkable thing I’ve found in this is that when I tackle a task that I feel inspired to do in the moment, the task becomes easier. It seems as if the forces of nature align with me in accomplishing the thing, rather than just me pushing and plodding through it. Naturally, this gives me more immediate joy in my everyday life. 

Almost everyday since reading this book, I go back to it and reread parts. And I welcome hearing from my two friends on a regular basis as we excitedly exchange experiences from our lives where the knowledge of this book has touched and changed us. 

If you are looking for a true spiritual awakening that will shake the very foundation of your existence, hold on to your hats and check out this.

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